What's Mlabbas?

Definition of Mlabbas

Mlabbas is an Arabic word which originally means 'to cover'. The word was frequently used back in the days to refer to the Jordanian Almond that was covered in colored sugar and was distributed at occasions such as weddings and graduations. Nowadays, the word Mlabbas simply refers to candy. Yet, our usage of the word Mlabbas refers to us 'covering' people with clothes. With tshirts being our main product, we have now expanded to over 10 various categories of cool products such as mugs, phone covers, mugs, and home items.


Mlabbas is a t-shirt store gone wild!

Mlabbas is a shopping and printing services concept which functions as a creative gift shop that offers funky and funny designs on a variety of products; from t-shirts to phone covers, mugs to pillows, aprons to hoodies, and much more! What makes us special is that the customer can customize their own design which is then printed on various products on-the-spot.

Mlabbas' designs reflect Jordanian and Arab culture. Mlabbas' brand is about challenging conventional fashion by offering products that go beyond mainstream trends and letting the customer find their voice and identity.

Mlabbas has retail shops in Jordan as well as a global presence via the website www.mlabbas.com.

Choose from a range of items whether it’s for a party, a business, or simply your own fashion statement. Mlabbas has a state of the art printing service so you can create your design on any product! Mlabbas is a leader in digital printing technology, with the ability to print on larger areas and higher definition than traditional printing methods. Our digital printers give you unlimited color complexity as well as durability.

Mlabbas delivers straight to your doorstep anywhere in the world! We provide a cash-on-delivery payment option to many countries for customers without credit cards. Otherwise use Paypal or any major credit card and enjoy a worldwide shipping rate of only $10. Let us come to you.. Enjoy your shopping!

Our People

Imad Shawa Imad Shawa

Imad Shawa

Amir Shihadeh Amir Shihadeh

Amir Shihadeh

Aya Shaheen Aya Shaheen

Aya Shaheen
Human Capital

Qamar Al Jouhari Qamar Al Jouhari

Qamar Al Jouhari
Senior Graphic Designer

Issa Hawamdi Issa Hawamdi

Issa Hawamdi
Warehouse Operator

Mohammad Al-Qaissy Mohammad Al-Qaissy

Mohammad Al-Qaissy
Sales Representative

Emad Jaber Emad Jaber

Emad Jaber
Production Officer

Saif Zidan Saif Zidan

Saif Zidan
Sales Representative

Haya Fahmawi Haya Fahmawi

Haya Fahmawi
Sales Representative

AbdulKareem Al Shooly AbdulKareem Al Shooly

AbdulKareem Al Shooly
Sales Representative

Akram Abu Suofeh Akram Abu Suofeh

Akram Abu Suofeh
Production Officer

Ashraf Al Qudah Ashraf Al Qudah

Ashraf Al Qudah
Production Officer

Abdallah Salameh Abdallah Salameh

Abdallah Salameh
Production Officer

Michel Ma'ayeh Michel Ma'ayeh

Michel Ma'ayeh
Social Media

Sanad Nemer Sanad Nemer

Sanad Nemer
Production Officer

Laith Murad Laith Murad

Laith Murad
Branch Manager

Sami Lati Sami Lati

Sami Lati
Production Officer Supervisor

(30 - 1) Under Thirty

With all 30 employees - except one - under the age of 30, this video shows the potential of youth. Our brand, Mlabbas, is being driven by youngsters!

Our Locations

Rainbow Street

Address: 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan, 11162
Store Phone: +962-6-4646473
Corporate Phone: +962-6-4646474
+962-77-MLABBAS (6522227)
Email: info@mlabbas.com


Address: Fawzi Al-Qawekji St. 11 , Amman
Store Phone: +962 (6) 592 3579

TAJ Mall Booth

Address: Taj Mall, Pr. Hashim St 72
Store Phone: +962 (6) 592 2843